Quatrro launches next generation Integrated Processing Services to Support Card and Mobile Payments


Atlanta, USA (January 22, 2013) - Quatrro launches integrated processing services that will support Card & Mobile payments by leveraging VeriFone’s innovative PAYware CMS card management system to offer end to end issuing and acquiring services for banks, card issuers and merchant acquirers globally for all payment types.

Key benefits of Quatrro’s Processing Services include speed of implementation, ease of configuration at a minimal set-up cost, ease and speed of any change and modification and global operations. These service offerings will help banks, credit unions and other financial institutions fulfill the dynamic and ever changing customer needs, payment modes and patterns with urgency and timeliness that the marketplace demands without any upfront investments in technology and extensive infrastructure.

The full suite of processing services is fully compliant with the latest payment standards and requirements mandated by the CARD Act, EMV, PCI–DSS and will be available for credit card, debit card, prepaid, corporate/commercial cards, mobile payments and private label cards. Hosted on VeriFone’s PAYware CMS platform, the processing services will be specially configured and tailor made for mid-market financial institutions including credit unions, banks and also merchants.

“Quatrro’s service offering will be path breaking as it provides access to off-the-shelf processing services that support launch of innovative products and services for the card issuers with quick turnaround times that were not available on a plug and play basis till now” said Raman Roy Chairman & CEO of Quatrro Inc.

About Quatrro

Quatrro is a leading Business Services company targeting underserved business processes and high value-added Knowledge process opportunities.  Quatrro provides clients with innovative solutions delivered via a “best-shore” infrastructure through a combination of tools, platforms and business processes. In addition to the processing services, the company offers an integrated suite of risk management services across the risk cycle spanning credit, fraud and portfolio management. Quatrro's services include Processing, Analytics, Transaction Monitoring and a host of proprietary risk management platforms for Card Issuers, Acquirers, Processors, Online retailers, Merchants, Banks, Credit Unions, Prepaid and Alternate payment providers.

Contact Information:

Kevin W. Spear
Senior Vice President
Quatrro Processing Services
Telephone: +1 770.663.8213

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Sriram Natarajan
Chief Operating Officer
Quatrro Processing Services

For more information please visit www.quatrroprocessing.com