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Quatrro provides Mortgage Servicers & Lenders, Financial Institutions and Law Firms with back office processing services, giving our clients the power to focus on their core business and significantly lower their processing costs.

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Quatrro's range of services includes:

Quatrro's end-to-end solutions include Loan Processing, Underwriting, Closing, Funding, Shipping, Quality Control, Accounting.
These services support Mortgage Lenders & Financial Institutions with tailor-made solutions across the loan lifecycle with improved turnaround times and higher cost effectiveness by utilizing a global delivery model. learn more »

Quatrro’s service offerings spreads across Forensic Loan Review, Fraud Review & Investigation, Compliance Reviews and Reporting. Our clients have benefited from our expertise by adhering to stricter norms and regulations which translates to improved efficiencies. learn more »

Quatrro's Loan Modification & Refinance Solutions are aligned with the latest HAMP & HARP policies and procedures.
Our advanced workflow and technology platform built around the HAMP program is already helping Mortgage Servicers & Financial Institutions across the United States increase business efficiencies and reduce operating costs. learn more »

Quatrro provides end-to-end Foreclosure & Bankruptcy support services across all Judicial and Non-Judicial states in the United States. Our Default Management Solutions assist law firms in significantly increasing business efficiencies using our proven workflow which has resulted in cost reductions of more than 35% to 60% for our clients.
Additionally, Quatrro's Title Solutions provide law firms with robust & detailed Title Searches and Reviews across the United States. learn more »

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